Wednesday, April 1, 2009


ring...ring...ring... my phone rang~
'gong ye'
'sum1 u noe cn fetch my bros go skul?'
'my uncle lo'
'reli?cn he fetch my bros?cz nobody cn fetch them nw....'
'i help u ask lo'
'jz fetch them go skul, go hum cn help fetch ur uncle'son...'
'k lo,help u ask'
d call end....
while dinner....
'ma(dat's hw i called my grannny)...'
'uncle cn fetch my fren's bros anot?'
'whr they live?'
'so near jek, nt far...(i tel her whr it actuali located)'
'cnt la, nt d same way...'
'wat? thr oso cn go geh my fren la...'
'haiz,nw nt i going to fetch them,is ur uncle la...n d way nt same too, hw to help? nw fetch u oso is problem liao...'
'jz chg d way to reach d skul jek mar, so hard meh....his mum alwiz fetch me go back 1, nw they gt problem, y dun us help them?'
'd case cnt b say lik dat.......( a lot of lame shit )....'
'k, fine, conclusion is- U NT GOING TO HELP'
after dinner, i jz strictly walk into my room~
mind full wif those nonsense said by my granny jz nw....
haiz...jz too disappointed...
my fren's mum alwiz fetch me go back from skul....
sumtime i oso wil feel shy to do dat bt i hav no choice....
my transport stuff is quite bad n messy nw...
nw gt sumthg i cn do 4 paid dat...
bt my granny~ wat a ******......
nw jz cn hope them cn find a way to slove d problem...

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